Who is Love Bug Luv?

Hello! I am Candyce. I started Love Bug Luv Spring of 2021. My thought process at the time was to focus on creating a self-care product. I knew with all the changes in the world many of us were forgetting to take a moment for ourselves to take care of the person on the other side of the mirror. Life is extra stressful right now and that is my "Why" for this company. If we cannot take care of ourselves, we cannot take care of anyone else.

So, I focused on Aromatherapy, knowing that certain smells can take us to a happier place, and I wanted my products to take you there while still being at home. Then something shifted. About a month or so into developing my product line I began to be approached by a numerous amount of people that suffered from eczema or a skin allergy that were searching for products that would soothe their irritations and flare ups. Their search became my focal point towards providing self-loving products that are safe and natural for all. From adult to child, even a puppy or a kitten. I only work with the healthiest of skin-loving ingredients to provide the best product possible.

So, Unwind today with our All-Natural Vegan Bath & Body Products.


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